Coop-Rent Insure will support your rent.

This is a new guarantor support system for foreign exchange students and foreign researchers who are about to start a new life with Osaka University.

In Japan, even you found a room you wish to live in, you will need a guarantor.

Coop-Rent Insure will be your guarantor in case you could not find a Japanese guarantor or if you have difficulty in asking your professor to be your guarantor.

We would help you skip the troublesome guarantor issue by having you go with our easy process and inspection.

Eligible person

Foreign exchange students and foreign
researchers enrolled in Osaka University

Required document at the time of application

Entry form for the room to rent

〈Additional documents〉

Foreign exchange students…

【Current univ. students】A copy of the student ID

【Before admission】Admission permit, or a copy of acceptance notification

Foreign researchers etc …

 Certificate of employment etc

Guarantee charge, guarantee content

Guarantee charge First charge (first year) 12,000yen (normal type)
Renewal charge (Two years and after) 10,000yen per year
Guarantee period From signing the contract up to completion of evacuation
Guaranteed limit Up to for 24 months of the monthly rent
Guarantee content Monthly rent:Common service expenses, parking lot fee, fixed water bill, and other expenses to be paid along with the rent
Evacuation cost・Restoration cost:For one month of the maximum monthly total rent
Litigation expense for evacuation: All expenses needed from cancelation of lease contract up until the evacuation